SpreeCamps supports strong security, even while in development.

Two technologies help provide extra protection for SpreeCamps systems: firewalls and SELinux.

SpreeCamps delivers standard iptables in a configuration that is designed around the needs of developers. Basic access via web is enabled, but the development sites and ssh are protected by default.

SELinux is a mandatory access control system that relies on the Linux kernel security modules and policies specific to the server. From a developer’s and a user’s standpoint, SELinux is an extra layer of protection that the operating system provides.

Many developers and systems administrators do not use SELinux because of the complexities in properly configuring SELinux to match the needs of web applications. End Point engineers have significant experience using SELinux for production websites. On request, we can give you a SpreeCamps CentOS system with a pre-configured SELinux policy that protects the system beyond standard Unix-style access controls.