Spree is e-commerce made flexible.

Spree is an extensible e-commerce platform for Ruby on Rails intended for feature-rich e-commerce web sites. End Point employs many experienced e-commerce developers including several Spree contributors.

Why use Spree?

It Uses Rails

Spree is built on top of Ruby on Rails, a popular, standard, well-understood framework. Because Spree is built on Rails, Rails developers can quickly learn Spree.

Rich Feature Set

Developers and users do not need to be e-commerce experts in order to use Spree. The base Spree installation provides most of the functionality needed by e-commerce sites, so setting up Spree can be a matter of configuration, not coding.

Modular Design

Spree has a modular design, with an extensions framework built in. Thus it is easy to install, easy to customize, and easy to extend.

Unlimited Extensibility

Because Spree is open source and written in Ruby, you have the source and can extend it as you see fit or hire experts to do it for you. In critical areas where modifications are likely, Spree has a well-defined API, so you can create extensions to meet your needs.

Active Development Community

Spree is under active development. Because it is open source, features you may want may already be built by others. You can inquire on the mailing list, and cooperate with those developers.

Why not use Spree?

You may want to consider a fork of Spree called Solidus, which has focused on improving the security, stability, and scalability of Spree. It is actively maintained and works equally well in our hosting environment.

If you already have a Rails application and want to drop in a lighter-weight ecommerce component, check out Piggybak, another Ruby on Rails-based ecommerce system developed at End Point. It will likely require more coding for a top-to-bottom ecommerce application than Spree does, but will be easier to get started in an existing application.